Monday, May 24, 2010

Purchasing a new range

Peter writes:
HI ERIC, I ENJOY YOUR WEB SITE. I have to buy a oven range and have a budget of 700 and under. What is a good brand my old GE was 20yrs .

My response to Peter is:

I recommend that you pick a oven/range with the most features and the best warranty within your budget. Use the checklist below to help you on your venture.

Checklist for cooking products

I also recommend before you go to the store to select and purchase a range, cooktop, oven, etc., that you take the time to fill out the following checklist to take with you. Check all that apply to your selection:

Check the area available for the range




These measurements are the cut-out measurements not the old range measurements. Also make sure that the range can fit through the openings of the house, so that it can be installed where you want it.

The type of range you are looking for:

__Free-standing with one oven

__Eye-level (High-low) with two ovens

__Eye-level with one oven






__LP ___natural

Type of oven you are looking for:





__Combination oven


Oven location

__Below cooktop

__One over, one under

__Separate built-in oven(s)

Oven controls

__On back console

__On range front

__On hood


__Touch pads

__Automatic oven clock/timer

Cleaning system

__Self-cleaning (pyrolytic)



Broiler type


__Low broiler

__Variable heat

Cooktop style



__Grille/griddle convertible


Cooktop controls

__Thermostatic control

__Eye-level controls

__Eye-level controls on hood

__Controls on back splash

__Controls at front of cooktop



__Roast temperature probe


Venting system

__Separate hood

__Built-in down draft

__Vent-microwave oven combination

__Hood attached to upper oven

__Vent over regular cooktop

__Vent over grill/griddle cooktop

The color of the range preferred


Price range: $________________

Warranty and service information:___________________________

Additional information on warranties, safety, recalls, and maintenance must be taken
into account when purchasing a range. Ask the salesperson for a demonstration
on the range you are considering.

For more information on appliance and air conditioner selection and purchasing order a copy of my book.

Peter, let me know if that worked for you. Remember to send your appliance questions to