Saturday, March 1, 2008

Purchasing a new microwave oven

Do not go out and purchase a microwave oven until you do your homework. Brand, type, size, power, features, warranty, and location are just some of the features you need to consider. You can also go on the Internet and conduct research. When comparing microwaves, fill out the following checklist.
Check all that apply.
Measure the area available for the microwave oven:

Before purchasing, read the installation instructions for the built-in or over-the-range model you are considering.
These instructions will provide you with information such as cutout dimensions, venting, voltage location, and more.

What is the voltage?
❑ 120 volts ❑ 240 volts

What type of microwave?
❑ Countertop ❑ Over the range
❑ Combination ❑ Convection
(range and microwave)

❑ Under the counter ❑ Built-in ❑ Other (list the features)

How much room do I need to fit the microwave oven on the countertop?
❑ Large: 22 to 27 inches wide by 13 to16 inches high by 15 to 21 inches deep
❑ Medium: 20 to 24 inches wide by 16 to 16 inches high by 13 to 18 inches deep
❑ Small: 18 to 20 inches wide by 10 to 12 inches high by 11 to 12 inches deep

❑ Touch-pad controls:
❑ Are the numbers large and easy to read?
❑ Is the oven easy to program?
❑ Does the model display prompters that will guide you as you set the controls?
❑ Mechanical controls:
❑ Does the mechanical timer have a wide time range setting?
❑ Seconds? ❑ Minutes? ❑ Hours?
❑ Is there an on/off switch to operate the oven after setting the time function?
❑ Does the timer knob turn on the oven after setting the time function?

How many watts of cooking?
❑ 400 to 700 watts ❑ 600 to 800 watts
❑ 800 to 1000 watts ❑ 1000 to 1600 watts

What additional features do you want?
Does the oven have a light inside the cavity?
❑ yes ❑ no
❑ Auto defrost
❑ Pre-programmed cooking
Is there a window in the door?
❑ yes ❑ no
Does the oven have a rack?
❑ yes ❑ no
Do you want a turntable for the food to rotate on?
❑ yes ❑ no
Does the model have multi-stage cooking?
❑ yes ❑ no
❑ Temperature probe
❑ Cooking sensors
Will my plates fit the oven cavity?
❑ yes ❑ no
❑ Other (list here)

Additional information on warranties, safety, recalls, and maintenance must be taken
into account when purchasing a microwave oven. Ask the salesperson for a demonstration
on the microwave you are considering.

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