Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dishwasher not getting hot

I have a 3 year old Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher. I am noticing this week that the water inside is not getting hot. Typically when open the door to put something in that I have forgotten I have massive amounts of steam coming out. This week I have seen almost no steam. I have tested the water in my sink and it is 130 degrees F. I have also tested my washing machine and my bathroom sink and shower that water is the same.

Do washing machines have a thermomenter? Could it be possible that mine is broken? Is this something we can fix ourselves or do I have to call a repairman? My husband is faily handy-- he has fixed our dryer before by watching a you tube video and we have a friend who is a plumber who installed the dishwasher for us. I would love not to call for service if I do not have to.

I look forward to a response.


My response to Lisa:

First check your setting on the dishwasher panel. Some dishwasher models have a energy saver button that will not allow the heater to come on during the cycle to save money. Also, the first wash water in the dishwasher could be cold water coming from the water pipes from the water heater. This is normal. Some model dishwashers have a thermostat mounted to the bottom of the tub to sense the water temperature within the tub. This thermostat will stall the wash cycle until the water temperature rises to 140 degrees.
I hope this information is helpful.

Lisa responded back:

We pushed the button that says "High Temp" that seems to have solved the issue -- right now. Thanks for your help!
Happy Holidays!

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