Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer is here: Room Air Conditioner Maintenance

It's time to save some money on high electric bills.

Room air conditioners (including portable models) have air filters that need cleaning every
225 to 360 fan hours of operation. The discharge grille area also needs vacuuming to remove
the dust buildup. Twice a year, the following areas need to be inspected and cleaned:

• The evaporator coil
• The condenser coil
• The evaporator pan and base pan
• The indoor blower housing and blower wheel
• All the wiring connections and wiring
• The electrical and mechanical controls
• The voltage at the receptacle
• The inside and outside of the air conditioner
• All gaskets
• The drain system (clean it, too)
• The cabinet seal (clean the outer cabinet)
• The copper tubing

When cleaning the air conditioner, use an approved cleaner to wash the unit. Remember
to protect the electrical components and fan motor with plastic to prevent the water from
damaging the components. Refer to the use and care manual that comes with every air
conditioner for further maintenance instructions on the model you are servicing. Do not plug
in or run the air conditioner after using water to clean the unit. Wait a few hours, allowing
the air conditioner to completely dry out.

To prevent electrical mishaps, the air conditioner
must be totally dry before you can plug it in.

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