Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm out of work what do I do now?

I have received a email from a concerned parent that I would like to share with everyone.


Have a son, 30, just been laid off. I think he would be totally happy fixing appliances as he is super-clever, can fix/repair about anything, knows tools, electricity, plumbing, but no electronics. Great with customers too.
I want him to be happy and make a decent living. What would you do to train yourself and become a bright prospect for a good comapny (A&E, GE, Sears, etc). He says he has called some of the local servicers but they all want experience and don't have rookie training.
Any suggestions you share will be greatly appreciated.


I responded back saying:


If your son has a interest in becoming an appliance technician, have your son check out a copy of my book from the library. Ask him to read it. If he still shows an interest then locate a technical school in your area that teaches major appliance technology. Visit the school and check out the campus and the courses. Remind your son that he will have to do a lot of studying and hands on repairs while he is in school.
Here is some food for thought, maybe father and son can go into business together and repair major appliances together? There is more to the appliance field than just repairing appliances. There is sales, service, installations, service contracts, sub-contracting, parts, warranty repairs and working for A&E, Sears or GE.
Good luck


I know times are hard and some folks will be making a change in work fields. Major appliance repairs and installations is a great field to choose. Over the past decades I have never gone hungry and my family has never gone without.

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